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ASPHALT 9 Caribbean Level

This is the Caribbean Level for the mobile game Asphalt 9: Legends. I worked along with the following artists: Moisés García, Cyrill Vitkovskiy, Igor Ivinsky, Ian Stubbignton and Manuel Perea.

I assumed the rol of Principal Terrain Artist for this level. The entire terrain was created by me, manually, sculpting in ZBrush, then, later, with the help of Manu Perea (Lead Artist) we did a low-poly re-topology by hand using Topogun.

Furthermore, I used World Machine and World Creator in oder to create several mountain instances that work pretty well to assemble the whole level. For texturing, I was able to use vertex texture blending with noise masks. I was able to use 12 different textures but only 3 materials per vertex.

With the team, we were really proud of this level, not only bacause of its beauty, but because we were able to load loads of alpha transparent vegetation instances, and this, for a mobile game, it is a remarkable technical achievement.

Update Trailer - The Caribbean Heat