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The MG-42, a german machinegun which was in service during World War II. In fact, this is one of my favorite weapons in terms of artistic design.

The polycount of this weapon is about more than 3 million polygon approximately. I have created as well x1024 and x2048 textures editting Albedo, Gloss, Metalness and Normal Maps.

It has been a long and hard work to model and unfold the UVs of this machinegun. It took me a lot of time!

In terms of 3D Modelling I wanted to make sure that every geometry loop was connecting perfectly without causing shading artifacts. It has been a very good excercise for hard-surface sub-divisional modeliing.

This model has been rendered in Marmoset 2 with PBR gloss and metalness shaders.

I really enjoyed creating the metal textures of this piece and practicing with Physically Based Shaders!